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Shadowhawk X800Shadowhawk X800 :- With the increasing terrorism and uncertainty of upcoming situation, it is always wise to stay all time ready. How is this possible is what might be concerning you now? Well, you don’t need to stress your mind as I have got you a greatest technology solution. And, that is Shadowhawk X800! It is the toughest of all and brightest enough to act as a self defense tool whenever you are in need. This might surprise you to know that it is the most popular and well admired tactical flashlight that is the best way to help you in the self defense in case of emergency situation. Read further to know more…

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What Is Shadowhawk X800?

Shadowhawk X800 is the brightest of all flashlights that are used by the navy seals, firemen, policemen, the coast guard and now ordinary people. Whether you are walking alone or driving a long way, this bright and long lasting light is enough to save yourself from all the danger and emergency situation. It keeps you 24 hours prepared for every situation and is the best of all flashlights to deal almost every situation.

What Does Shadowhawk X800 Come With?

This toughest flashlight comes in protective cases that are quite similar to a handgun. Shadowhawk X800 is a small and sleek light, which is handy and easy to carry anywhere you go. The most unique feature of this tool is its zoom settings and the SOS as well as the strobe mode that all its users admires.

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Brilliant Features Of Shadowhawk X800

  • 5 modes – Equipped with five efficient mode that are coded as high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. Due to this, it is the most tactical and long lasting flashlights among all running in the market.
  • 100,000 Lamp Life Hours – It contains 3 triple AAA batteries that are rechargeable and runs nonstop for over 100000 hours.
  • XPE 800 Lumen LED Light Bulb – This one is the most bright and powerful bulbs running in the market today. It comes with 800 lumens of power along with a waterproof up to 6ft for about 30 minutes.
  • Military-Grade Self-Defense – It comprises a strike bezel that leads to enhanced tactical flashlight, enhanced self defense and tactical flashlight with 800 lumens of power.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum – The quality of this flashlight can be categorized among the most reliable and durable ones. It comprises ultra tough, superior strength, extra double, compact, lightweight along with a weatherproof x800 that comes in all designs.
  • Manufactured in the United States – It is being manufactured in the USA and shipped from a warehouse located in California.
  • 5 Telescopic Zoom Focusing Beam Technologies – Focusing on greater flexibility and art zooming, Shadowhawk X800 can go 1/250/500/1000/2000x settings.

How To Order?

To buy Shadowhawk X800, you can place your online order on the official website. Rush to avail the special discount offer of 75% off which is going on. Hurry up and order now.

Where to Buy Shadowhawk X800

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